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Thread: Help me decide: Dream tenor, or stay w/ alto???

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    Quote Originally Posted by bluesaxgirl
    Go for it, nothing like saxophone "diversity".
    'tis true. . . I have played alto since 6th grade, and I have since had a lot of experience playing Tenor, a couple of years playing Soprano, and even a little Clarinet and Bassoon in there. . . Overall, I look at myself as an Alto player, but I love the ability to pick up a Tenor or Soprano and have a great and even tone on all three horns, but I prefer to play my Alto above all. Just my $.02

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    I'd say go for the "dream horn", if it's that great an axe for you....
    Believe me, passing up (or having to sell) your "dream horn" is something that can haunt you for decades to come (like the woman that you let get away...). Meanwhile, you CAN find a good playing alto real cheap, if you just keep your ears open (& check Craigslist, eBay, & local stores frequently), and hey, one good paying gig can pay for it.....

    I've "wandered" from horn to horn throughout the years, as far as "my fav", or which is most my true "voice", according to me or others, and it eventually can come down to what some famous sax player (who's name I can't recall) said, when asked which was his favorite horn to play, "whichever one's working best that night"!

    Believe me, I totally agree! (& sometimes it can be my flute)

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