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    Hey all, thanks for the continued input. I saw a doctor last week who seemed to have a better idea of what's going on.

    He thinks it is a bacterial infection that lives both on my lip and in my reeds. It keeps getting re-infected every time I play particularly now my lip is week and the skin breaks easily.

    His idea is:
    1) treat the infection with an anti biotic called Fusidic acid, this has been working over the last few days to bring down the infection. (one spot where the edge of the reed sits is still bad)

    2) Disinfect all reeds and mouthpieces with Milton (baby bottle disinfectant). This is not too harsh so will not further inflame the problem. I am doing this to every reed after playing it

    3) Barrier to help the healing process. I have been playing around with rubbing some wax into the reeds. Thus doesn't effect the sound much but provides a protection against the wood grain. I have also been layering up with really thick lip balm (vaseline lip balm spf 30 is only available in OZ) but anything thick that stays on is the aim, to reduce the irritation so that the lip can heal.

    I'll let you all know how it goes over the next few weeks but thought that this might help any of you woith the same problem.

    For the record the cortisone cream gives quick relief but actually thins the skin prolonging the problem in the long term bummer



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    Not the same but I went through a phase of geting cold sores right in the middle of my lower lip. After struggling on a few times with blood tricking down my chin on a couple of occasions I decided to just wait until it totally healed and worked on some theory/aural in the mean time. I was usually back to fighting strength far quicker than trying to rush the process. Doesn't help if you've got a gig though...
    The other thing we can all take from this is a reminder not to blow anyone elses mpc or let anyone blow yours.
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    Hey all.... well good news. It's been about 5 or 6 weeks since I started the new regime on my lip and it has been working a treat. I used the cream for about 3 weeks 3 times a day at which stage all infection was gone. I then stopped using it for 2 weeks and It has kept on healing. I have continued disinfecting each reed after playing and will keep it up for some time.

    The last week I have been increasing my hours and a tiny bit of damge is showing but still no infection. I have been using the cream again for a few days to protect these little scratches from reinfection and it is still going strong.

    If all continues I hope that I am 100% within the next couple of months. The healing is slow but steady so I'm not going to jump straight into 6 hour practise sessions on size 4 reeds!!!!!!!!!!

    If anyone hears of this again please spread the news cause I'd hate for anyone else to have to go through this.



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