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    Default Allora Handmade Flute?

    Has anybody heard of/played/seen an Allora Handmade Flute? I have ordered an AA440 model on a trial basis through woodwinds & brass, and was wondering if anybody has heard of it.

    This is the cheapest price ($2300) that I have seen for a new handmade flute, but I haven't heard of the brand, and there seems to be no information on the web, so it is something of a mystery flute. In that same trial is a DeFord 88B and an Emerson 88B, so I'm looking forward to playing those as well.

    On a related note, I'm trying to find the best flute I can for around $2K, be it new, used, or somewhere inbetween. That of course rules out new handmade Powells, Haynes, etc. Any suggestions or thoughts?

    And finally, woodwinds & brass has the Muramatsu EX for ~$2600, and I'm considering that as well, my main resistance is that it is not an all-silver body.

    Thanks in advance for any advice, it's been a lot of fun discovering such a lively and informative forum.


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    I haven't seen the Allora but the photos look a lot like an Emerson. It may be OK depending on the headjoint. The DeFord heads are actually quite good but the newer Emersons are not cut too well. I use the same body scale on the flute I build as used on both the Emerson and DeFord. Em DeFord designed both flutes but only builds the ones with his name on them. I was an Emerson dealer for about 20 years but since Selmer moved the operation to the Armstrong factory, I went with the DeFord for my lower line flutes. If you don't mind closed hole, you can find nice Haynes older standard models for well under $2K. I have one ready to go for $1,800 and you may find one on ebay for under $1,500. They are heavy walls and have a great low end.

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    Thanks for the info Bruce - I'll post an update after I try the flutes


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    I have always been highly impressed with the Muramatsu EX when I play-test after servicing. If you pay a bit more you get the GX with silver body, but it almost certainly sounds no different. It is a great design of head that makes this flute.

    Galway was also impressed in 2003, in a blind test at a shop, and used one for his practising.

    The Yamaha models that have the EC head (600 series and higher? - check on website) may be worth looking at too. Also the Pearl models higher than 600 series (such as "Elegant"), made in JAPAN not Taiwan.

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