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Thread: Will Grizzle?

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    Default Will Grizzle?

    Does anyone have experiences with this refacer?

    How can I contact him?

    greetz, s

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    Hey man you and I seem to be traveling in similar circles lately.

    Will is a very good refacer and I have played a couple of pieces over the years that he worked on.

    Wersax from the forum works with him a lot now, so PM him for the contact info.

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    Carere's Music in atlanta.
    he is under repairs.........

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    Default Re: Will Grizzle

    This was posted on my blog in praise of Will Grizzle:
    New comment on your post #184 "Latest Update on Sticky Saxophone Pads"
    Author : Jim Kinkennon
    E-mail :
    Check with Will Grizzle in Atlanta, Ga. He used to care for my horn here in Memphis, and overhauled it. He treated the pads when he installed them so that I didn't know what a sticky pad was. Eventually, after he moved to Atlanta, I needed an overhaul, and had it done locally. Now I have a sticky G# and C# key. Will's fantastic. By the way, he had a ratty old chair in the shed in the back yard where he worked. I sat in it when we talked about the horn. So did David Sanborn, and a lot of other really fine players.

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    Default Re: Will Grizzle?

    Wil doesn't work with Carere any longer, I don't believe. He padded my JK tenor and alto with roo pads. The last time, I took the alto to his house on the NE side of Atlanta. I think he works mostly out of his shop there. His # is 770-831-1886.
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    Default Re: Will Grizzle?

    He does work out of his house; I was just there today.........Daryl

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