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    Default Sax and Woodwind repair shop in Toronto

    I can't recommend highly enough Ken Fornetran Woodwinds at 849 1/2 Bloor St W. in Toronto for sax repairs and advice. Ken is the master and by my knowledge, the shop most local pros (and amateurs and students) go to get the best work done at very competitive prices.

    He also sells vintage and new horns and all the right accessories.

    He has done amazing work on my saxes and is the only place I take my stuff to. ( I drive by at least 10 music stores to get to his)

    Highly recommended.

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    heh. he sold me my first alto

    im thinking about selling my mark 6 through the guy if i cant sell it otherwise.

    but yeah. i dont have much experience in the field of actually getting my stuff fixed up by him, but thought i might as well give some input.

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    Default Re: Sax and Woodwind repair shop in Toronto

    For the past 6 years I have worked on saxophones during overhauls, repads, soldering, de-laquering, re-constructions with many satisfied customers. My rates must be the lowest in the Toronto area, especially on PRO horns -since my overhead is low - student prices. I dont charge sales taxes and I guarantee the repairs for a very long time.

    I often have vintage saxophones and mouthpieces forsale. Soprano, alto, tenor, baritone


    other repair shops
    Long & McQuade
    Steve's Music
    Horns Reborn -- Clarinet old website up for renewal NEWS from the Rescue Sax Workshop
    416 994 7110 --- leave a text or voice message I will call you back at my expense, no problem !

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