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    Default HELP!!! My Gold Medal I Tenor STOLEN!!!

    Hello all,

    My precious and beloved SML Gold Medal I Tenor was stolen, sometime between Christmas 2004 (when I last saw/played it) and first week of February 2005 (when I noticed it missing). I had taken it to some rehearsals at my church in Carlsbad, CA (northern San Diego county) for playing Christmas Eve 2004 services just the week prior to Christmas Eve, but we decided that the music called for alto and soprano, so didn't end up using it. It could've either been stolen from the church directly (believe it or not!!! but I have read many accounts, actually, of this happening!) or from my car (although I don't recall leaving it unlocked anywhere; so, thinking the church).

    Serial Number 17251 pr 17261, which puts it at around 1961. There was probably 10-15% laquer wear on the horn, but it played PERFECTLY, and was in outstanding condition. It was in a brand new SKB contoured case (the model that accomodates over-sized bells, like that of the SML), with a pouch on the outside for extra storage capacity.

    It also had a Berg Larson ebonite mouthpiece inside the case, size/model 110/2 M 8.

    I've contacted local police and filed a report, and also have checked nearly all of the local music stores and pawn shops in the north San Diego county area. I saw an SML tenor being sold on eBay shortly after that (around late March/April), and inquired as to the serial number and the origin of the horn, and interestingly got NO REPLY from the seller there... But then the auction was yanked and seller disappeared...

    If anyone has seen a Gold Medal I in great condition or comes across anything looking remotely close to it, with similar serial number, please do not hesitate to contact me immediately at 760.889.4977 or 760.444.4265 or at!!!

    Please help! I miss my baby - out of necessity I have had to purchase a fairly new Selmer Series II now which plays fine but nowhere near the tone or ease of blowing that my GM I had...

    Thank you for your consideration and assistance, in advance,


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    I grieve for your loss and hope you get your horn back, but why on Earth would anybody leave a sax unguarded in a building (church or not) or a car (locked or not)? It's only safe from potential theft when it's in your hand... all the players know that, and the thieves do too.

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    That really sucks,

    But why did you wait almost 9 months to post about it?

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    ...and how "precious and beloved" could it be if the most specific you can get about when it was stolen is "sometime between Christmas 2004...and first week of February 2005."?

    Sorry, I sympathize, I really do. But...ya know?
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    Default Re: HELP!!! My Gold Medal I Tenor STOLEN!!!

    Looks like this guy found his horn....he is selling it on craigslist. Whats up with that?

    SML Gold Medal I Alto Sax - Impeccable horn, great player! - $3000 (Carlsbad)
    Date: 2009-07-31, 11:29AM PDT
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    Around s/n 15xxx, SML introduced the Gold Medal model saxophones. They are the pinnacle of SML design: rolled tone holes, elaborate engraving, etc. As a matter of fact, the name "GOLD MEDAL" comes from the fact that these horns won a couple of gold medals at the International Music Festival at The Hague (Holland) back in the 50's for their excellent design and performance.

    The horn is NOT just a repackaged "Rev. D" (the preceding model produced by SML), although they do look similar. The bow and neck of the alto and tenor are NOT interchangeable with their Rev. D counterparts, leading one to assume that the bore is completely different.

    Based on the start date of these horns (around 1954-7), one can assume that they were introduced to compete directly with the Selmer Mark VI or the earlier Super Balanced Action.

    These horns were the first and only models to feature all of the famous "22 Features" -- and, even then, only a few did (up to s/n 19xxx). At s/n 18xxx, the adjustble bell key felts (Feature #20) only appeared occasionally and 19xxx featured the end of the bell-lip engraving (Feature #16). At s/n 205xx, rolled tone holes were discontinued (Feature #19) and the King Marigaux stencil was introduced, ushering in what is commonly called the "Gold Medal II" version of these horns.

    What this essentially means is that the SML's with the most features -- sans the standard altissimo F#, which seems only to have been on late King Marigaux stencils -- are found in the serial # range of 156xx to 18xxx. These horns should be the most sought after. I also think that the "Two Tone" finish of lacquer body and nickle-silver keys is fairly strikng and SML did consider this to be a "premium finish" choice. (There are still a fair number of people that think that this set-up is indicative of a student horn -- it isn't in the case of the SML!)

    Don't miss out on the chance to own and play this exceptional and rare horn!!!

    Call 760.889.4977!!!!

    * Location: Carlsbad
    * it's NOT ok to contact this poster with services or other commercial interests

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    Default Re: HELP!!! My Gold Medal I Tenor STOLEN!!!

    That's an alto the stolen was a tenor?

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