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Thread: Amati Baritones

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    Default Amati Baritones

    Anyone played a recent version?

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    I played a "C stock" abs-62 low-A at WWBW last week. I've played Amati altos and have enjoyed them, but it wasn't the case with this particular horn. There was a significant dent in the top bow that wasn't fixed correctly so this probably played heavily in my poor exprience. I played it along side a Jupiter 593 GL and there was no comparison, the Jupiter had it by a long-shot. Ergonomics were a little funny, not horrible, just different. I really wanted to like the horn because I've had good luck with Amati in the past, but it was just a clunker. Maybe a new undamaged version would change my mind. There is a "Prelude" Low-A bari advertised as being an Amati available from Nichol there sent me photos of the horn and I'm sure they'd send them to you if wanted to see it. Looked interesting w/ Nickel keywork and a lot cheaper than a new horn $1300, I think?


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    Default Re: Amati Baritones

    Hi there, I´m new here and looks like I'm a bit late on this thread but here goes.....
    Does anyone have any info. about 1990s Amati Bari ABS31 saxes?
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    Default Re: Amati Baritones

    Re: Amati Baritone ABS31


    If you check the site you will see that I am a strong supporter of the the Amati brand. I bought the ABS31 on ebay, to add to my collection of Amati saxophones. When I got it it came without a mouthpiece, I bought a cheap Chinese mouthpiece at the local music store, put on a Rico 2.5 reed and started blowing. I had never played a baritone saxophone of any make before. I was amazed how easy and smooth and mellow this one sounded. It truly was an excellent horn. I have put it away for the time being as I am occupied with other tasks, but I plan to get a few technical issues corrected, (a weak spring, missing cork stop) and resume playing it.

    In general I have found that Amati's are excellent saxes in construction, sound and durability and undervalued in the West. If possible try the horn before buying, if you like it buy it. I do not think you will be disappointed.

    I have written a short article on the history of Amati saxes on this site, that you can locate from the home page.

    AMATI AAS 62 Alto; Meyer 6m, Rico 2.5.
    AMATI ATS 83P,Tenor; Meyer 6M, Rico 2.5
    AMATI ABS 31 Baritone, ??? mpc, Rico 2.5

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