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    Default How do clean a Bari?

    How do I clean my Low A Bari properly after playing and which tools should i use for it?

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    Hodge Silk Swab makes swab for sells them.

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    I just put a longer chord on a standard pull through swab for tenor.

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    ...ooops, "cord" of course, or "string" if you prefer... or "line"... or whatever

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    Aww, man, I wasn't quick enough reading this thread.
    Missed the chance to say that I tried a longer chord on an alto swab, but couldn't get much beyond the 11th as the notes kept falling off!

    Anyway, do you twirl your bari to get the umm, string, thru the pigtail?
    I too use a Hodge (just got a nice green one from to replace a worn out purple one)

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    Yes, it includes some entertaining choreography.

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    Default Alternate for bari 'pigtail'

    There is a dacron-covered, foam-padded, wire-backed (phew) swab designed to reach through the crook. I put a piece of swab material on the end of a PLASTIC drain cleaner to reach into hte bow and body.

    Fun, watching a bari player twirl there horn onstage after a gig.

    Never will you see trumpet players move faster...

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    Default Hodge Silk Swab

    Ritchie, any idea where I could order this swab in Germany. I am living in Vienna, Austria.

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    Default Where to order the Hodge bari sax swab

    The fellow I got mine from is Kevin Pidgeon, he is a wonderful cat to deal with and the Hodge bari swab is really terrific and lasts a very long time.
    Good luck.

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    remles, sorry, I can't help. The online and mail order shops I checked have a variety of swabs, but not any Hodge swabs.

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    I use a car wash because it doesn't fit in the Dishwasher or the Washing Machine.

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    I just use a couple of LaVoz neck savers. I stick a tenor size in the crook while I'm drying off my MP and putting my reed away. I put an alto size in the neck. I use to leave them in until I got home but now I take them out after a minute and store them in a side pocket of my bag.

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    Default Best way to clean a bari

    Hey guys. Well, I have been doing a lot of local performances with my HS Jazz Band, and last night as I put my Bari up for the night I noticed that inside it was starting to look a little cruddy. What would be the best (and on a student budget cheapest) way to clean it out? Thanks again. (If it matters, its a The Martine Baritone). Thanks
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    My tech charges just under $40 for cleaning a horn with a mild acid bath.

    The cheaper option is to pick up a saxophone swab and run it through your horn after every use. I've seen them in a variety of materials.

    I would also pick up a neck brush.

    After playing I run my swab through the horn and use a soft cloth to wipe off any oils or fluids that may be on the horn. About once a week I clean the neck by running the brush through it. I also use Lemon Pledge on a soft cloth every week or two and apply it to the horn and neck.

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    Look here they carry Hodge Silk Bari Sax Swab - Long foam tubing covered in silk.
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    how would lemon pledge affect a bare brass horn. is there anything other than wiping it down i can do to keep it from tarnishing too bad.

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