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    I don't think this word translates from Yiddish into any other language. It's the feeling (noun) you get from kvelling (verb), which means to be extraordinarily proud of, especially as in one's children or grandchildren.

    Last nights Jazz Ensemble. My sophomore son is 2nd tenor in the front row blowing away on his Martin Handcraft Imperial. The senior girl to his left doubles on flute and in the next piece he was the only tenor so you could really here him well...nochus!

    And it's not easy taking photographs of school band. Those darn music stands are all over the place!

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    Nochus indeed...and Mazel Tov!

    Perhaps he'd dig playing my sax quartet/quintet arrangement of Ma'oz Tzur next Chanukka? Yes?

    ~ Rick
    Rick Hirsch main site HirschMusic Publications (music for saxophones, jazz combo, big band)

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