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    Default Click Tuning Barrel for Clarinets

    I am planing to sell this barrel but I am not sure if its broken or not. Its really really hard to adjust in the wheel in the middle and its easier to pull and push to adjust. I read somewhere on sotw that you can lock the bottom ring but im not sure if this is the one that does it. It looks like the one in this link but it have gold paint. It works when i play on it and i can adjust it just not with the wheel. Am i doing something wrong or did i broke it by adjusting it by pulling and pushing instead of the wheel?

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    Default Re: Click Tuning Barrel for Clarinets

    I have a Click-It Barrel for clarinet. It is the one with the bottom ring that turns slightly to put it in a locked position. The picture of the one in the link that your added is not the model that locks. The locking model has sliver rings on both ends of the barrel, not black as in the pic on the link.

    Your barrel does not appear to be broke based on your description. I believe that the small wheel that you describe in the middle of the barrel (which is on the one that I have as well) is to assist in adjusting. You put your thumb on it and slide your thumb on it while shortening or lengthening the barrel with your hands. At least that's the way I've always done it. I hope that description makes sense.


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    Thanks Dan, I thought i broke it, such a relief.

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