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    Default Choosing my new sax?

    Here is the link to all of the Yamaha altos I'm comparing. Can anyone help me recommend the best two that fits my intermediate sax level? THANKS

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    Default Re: Choosing my new sax?

    link did not show up.

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    Default Re: Choosing my new sax?

    randomasian: Welcome to SOTW. Yes, no link was shown. But we all pretty much know the Yamaha line.

    My advice would be to broaden your search beyond Yamaha. But to directly related to your question - buy the highest level model you can afford. Will a YAS-23 play? Yes. Will an 875 play? yes. But you will keep improving (most likely) and when that happens you'll be happy you shot for the ten-ring rather than to just get on the target. DAVE

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    Default Re: Choosing my new sax?

    You really should try to get to a shop where you can audition them.

    When I went to buy a pro tenor a few years ago, I made a 300mile side trip because there are no good horn shops in my state.

    I found there were slight differences even between horns of the same type and brand.

    (btw: I ended up with a $3k yts-82z instead of a $5k-$6k horns they had...)

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    Default Re: Choosing my new sax?

    I agree with Dave. Why in the world would you limit yourself to one line of saxophones for such an important purchase? You may never have this much of an opportunity again for a long time. Don't let brand loyalty cloud your decision. I seriously doubt the yahama board of directors is that loyal to you. In the end you may come back to a Yamaha but you will be buying from an informed perspective. There is a big world out there...explore and enjoy it.

    Also don't worry about your intermediate level. If you are going out there to drop serious cash get the best horn you can afford. A great horn will outlast you. Consider quality used horns too. You can get a used pro horn for the cost of a new intermediate horn almost any day. That doesn't mean it has to be a beater.
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