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    Default Adolph Herseth, famed CSO trumpeter, dead at 91

    Adolph "Bud" Herseth, principal trumpet of the Chicago Symphony for 53 years until his retirement a decade ago, died this past weekend at his suburban Chicago home.

    Tribune obit here:

    I can't remember the exact story I read one time, but here's my approximation of it. Fritz Reiner would try to "break" his principal players by having them repeatedly play a difficult solo passage in front of the orchestra until they flubbed it. He tried this with Herseth, and after several perfect repetitions, Herseth said something to the effect of "You keep on trying, I've got until noon [the end of the rehearsal]".

    RIP Bud Herseth.

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    Default Re: Adolph Herseth, famed CSO trumpeter, dead at 91

    Death of another legend. RIP Mr. Herseth.
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