Hi SOTW members,

Some of you will have seen my Yamaha MODEL Number List. As part of this collection of data, I have created an online database for collecting the SERIAL numbers of Yamaha Saxophones.

Yamaha USA will provide a manufacture date for recent model saxophones if you contact them via


but they have very little information regarding older instruments as they state themselves on their Yamaha "Bell and Barrel" website.

"...Players have been known to say that under no circumstances would they EVER part with their 62 soprano. (That is, until we can come up with something that’s as good, if not better than their YSS-62)

As close as we can guess there were around 3,000 of these sold in the United States (our records were a bit sketchy in the very early 80?s) both in the lacquer and silver finishes. Unfortunately there are NO serial number records available that can help clarify individual production dates beyond some rough guesses.

We do know that there was a change in tonehole placement at some point in the production..."
I'm hoping to collect a large enough sample of instruments to provide a reasonable estimation to the date of manufacture of most of the Yamaha Saxophones. I also hope that this collected data will reveal some inconsistencies in the way Yamaha mark and identify particular models.

The Yamaha SAXOPHONE Serial Number Database can be found here:

Yamaha SAXOPHONE Serial Number Database
Yamaha SAXOPHONE Serial Number Database - Submission Form