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Thread: Rascher Syrup

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    Default Rascher Syrup

    No, this post is not about Rascher's playing style , but about his son Stephan's maple syrup. There's an article here about him winning the "World's Best Maple Syrup" award for the second time:

    The article also references Stephan's father without saying who he was:

    When it comes to maple syrup, he follows the mantra of if you can't do it the best, don't do it, as his father used to say.
    My favorite quote is the one about being "knee-high to a sap bucket".

    Anyone ever tried Rascher Maple Syrup? I'm thinking about ordering some.

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    Do yourself a favor and order a few pints. It is the best stuff out there.


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    Default Re: Rascher Syrup

    years ago I Played at Rascher's house and got "the tour" of the Syrup making facilities - got to sample some too - INDEED THE BEST!!!
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    Default Re: Rascher Syrup

    For those who just love maple syrup and want the best!! Order at my brother's website: Home Rascher's Sugarhouse
    You will find prices, sizes, grades and shipping info.

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