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    Default Estimate for new sax set up

    Just recently made the step up from a beginner horn to a SX90R and just wondering whats the average cost to get the horn set up by a tech. Thanks

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    Default Re: Estimate for new sax set up

    Well that is a very open ended question, depending on what needs to be done, and who you have do the set up,
    I would guess in the $100-400 with somewhere near $150 what my local tech would charge.

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    Default Re: Estimate for new sax set up

    It depends a lot on the horn AND the tech. If it needs a lot of work (don't assume because it is new that it might not need a fair amount of work), it could take a few hours. If it doesn't (or if your tech just "gets it playing" vs. really going through it and fixing issues), it should be pretty quick and painless. I have had quite a few new horn set-ups in the last year and a half (I tried a lot of new horns). The cheapest was $40, the most was $300...most common was $100+/-. All by the same tech who is incredibly thorough. I would much rather pay a few extra bucks and get it done right instead of going cheap and being in for adjustments all the time.

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    Default Re: Estimate for new sax set up

    Unless you have some specific and unusual needs, I would expect a good horn to take less than an hour, so whatever your tech's hourly rate is.

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    Default Re: Estimate for new sax set up

    Recieved my Yammis soprano from the west coast ... brought it to my guy who had to fix a minor bend in a key which I caused moments after i received the horn, he reset a few of the lower pads that needed to be sealed, new neck cork and ran a light through the whole thing ... $100 it cost me ...but priceless service
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    Default Re: Estimate for new sax set up

    Just had my new 82z set up for $25. It depends on what's needed. In my case it was primarily adjusting the springs and key heights.
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    Default Re: Estimate for new sax set up

    I take a full day to a day and a half and do all of this:

    You can definitely get away with less and some people don't set up their horns at all; that is just how I do it.
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