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    Default Any opinion on this buescher bari?

    I hope it is ok to link the add.
    Looks to be before 1970, but after the Selmer takeover.

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    Default Re: Any opinion on this buescher bari?

    Anything in storage that long will need adjustment and probably some pads.

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    Default Re: Any opinion on this buescher bari?

    On the plus side, it appears to be one of the few examples with a reasonably intact bottom bow. Most of the low Bb horns, and all low A's, are extravagantly dinged and dented on the bottom end, reflecting their important role in school bands as accidental percussion instruments.
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    Default Re: Any opinion on this buescher bari?

    Serial number says several years after Selmer takeover, actually; around ' the degree where the 400's are no longer top-shelf quality horns.

    They were still good players, and you are correct...this still seems to retain a lot of the real Buescher details. But I would doubt it is as much of a horn as, say, a '61 400 was....But again, these were still solid players.

    IF it really DOES play up and down, AND (as the pics would indicate) there isn't any serious body damage (the bow doesn't look too bad in the photos...but you wanna really look at the bottom bow dents and with any BigHorn, especially the upper bow and crook condition ~ you don't want any significant dents there because those are a bear for a tech to reach w/o having to unsolder the entire upper bow a$$embly, and it WILL effect intonation if the upper crook/bow is misshapen)...


    ...the $1g isn't a bad price. Given it is C' can probably offer $900 and be taken quite seriously.

    But like PaulW says, if it doesn't speak up and down cleanly, thus needs work....expect to put in a good $200+ for some tech work....
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