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    Default Replacing Yamaha Custom 875ex side C/Bb with Custom 82z Side C/Bb

    Hey guys. Just wondering...

    We all know how the side C/Bb ball joint mechanism on the later Mark VI didn't work out too well. Over the years the metal wore out and now we have to deal with figuring out a way to repair the noisiness using various methods - I've seen guys use solder, tubing, grease, cutting the ball in half, and some guys just deal with it. Anyway, I have no idea why on earth someone at Yamaha thought that going back to this, on their top of the line horn 875ex was a good idea! This mechanism has been proven to not work! So, unless they did something different (and by the looks of it they didn't), I imagine 30 years form now the same thing will happen.

    My question: have any of you (repair techs) tried replacing 875ex side C and Bb with the ones from the Custom Z? Comparing the two horns, they look identical, except for the EX's ball and socket setup. Before I actually try it myself, though, I wanted to see if anyone has already done it. And if so, do you think this modification would be a good thing to start recommending to customers who buy the Custom EX? I mean the parts are certainly available and it wouldn't be too hard to order the parts and simply slap them on there - that is, if they actually do fit of course.

    I personally feel like the Custom EX (the tenor in particular) is the best all around saxophone on the market today - perfect in every way, except for their decision to go with that, eventually, clanky ball and socket Side C/Bb mechanism!

    C'mon Yamaha!

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    Default Re: Replacing Yamaha Custom 875ex side C/Bb with Custom 82z Side C/Bb

    not a problem IMHO with these "ball" joints if you keep them lubricated.

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    Default Re: Replacing Yamaha Custom 875ex side C/Bb with Custom 82z Side C/Bb

    An easy and effective fix for this type of connection that is loose is to first oil it well with thin oil, then add a drop of low viscosity superglue and actuate the side Bb/C keys continuously until the glue sets. Once set, the superglue takes up the slack in the linkage and also the noise.

    I've done this on several late MkVI saxes with success, so instead of changing the keywork to the forked type (and the side Bb on Yamahas with the fork linkage can get noisy too), it's much easier and far less costly to do this. So long as the linkage has been oiled, the superglue once added can easily be removed at any point as it won't have bonded permanently to any part of the linkage.
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