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    Default Recording to an iPod

    Has anyone got an experience of the Blue Microphones Blue Mikey 2 iPod recorder?

    I just thought it might be a useful device for recording practice. It goes straight to the iPod and then you have playback without shifting it around and that messy stuff. Play, record, go pick up the kids, listen to practice session in the car. That's the vision. Anyone know if this will help?

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    Default Re: Recording to an iPod

    No idea Tony, but thanks for posting this thread and alerting me to this device, which I'd now love to find out about too. I tried recording using the tiny mike on the Ipod but the quality was awful. If this thing is any good it would be a perfect...and cheap....solution for my needs. I assume it comes with the necessary app.

    So if anyone has any experience with the BLUE MICROPHONES Mikey 2 iPod Recorder, please post your experiences with it here. Thanks.

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    Default Re: Recording to an iPod

    I believe that the Blue Mikey is only compatible with ipods and older iphones (3GS and earlier), but not with later iphones or ipads.

    This Tascam mike is another alternative:

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