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    Hello there! I'm new to the forums and i came here for insightful ideas and opinions on what's been on my mind. I'd appreciate as much advice and help i can get. I'm 17 and been playing sax for over 5 years and studied jazz for about 3. I'm currently graduating soon and i hope in a couple years to transfer to a school up in the big apple. I can't see myself doing anything else for a living besides playing music and creating it. I believe it is my greatest talent above everything else and i wish to pursue it seriously. But i have a religion that i can't do anything from sundown on Friday to sundown on Saturday. Now i know musicians are busy and stuff and i really want to make a living. But i can't accommodate to demands on those times.
    I need insight on this? Could i still get gigs despite the time issue? will other musicians be willing to still play with me? I want to get experience and be able to support a family one day. It is my greatest concern i know there are many talented musicians and to the world I'm handicapped. I would like to know everyone's insght, criticism, support, and encouragement. Thank you!

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    Welcome to SOTW!

    There's lot of good threads on this already if you look around the forum. Plus, I'm sure some folks will chime with some advice.
    Good Luck,

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    An extraordinary proportion of the best and most famous jazz musicians had and have the same religion as yours. I know there are, as in other religions, various "grades" in how strictly the rites and demands of this religion have to be observed but I'm sure you could easily gather help and suggestions in trying to contact some of the current top notch representatives of the swingin' and giggin' side of said religion.
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    hey thanks for your reply! It gives me pleasure to hear this. Might I ask which jazz artists have similar background as I do?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Enviroguy View Post
    Welcome to SOTW!

    There's lot of good threads on this already if you look around the forum. Plus, I'm sure some folks will chime with some advice.
    hey thanks for your reply man! could u possibly link me the threads on this discussion thanks!

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