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    Default Tons of Saxophone Reeds

    Hi all, I have some reeds that I need to get rid of. I have these reeds lying around but I generally use harder reeds, so I thought I'd go ahead and sell these here.

    First, I have three boxes of Rico Plasticover reeds. One box has a strength of 2 1/2, the others have a strength of 2. Each box holds 5 reeds. I am asking 5 bucks for each box.

    Second, I have a box of Rico Jazz Select reeds. The reeds have a strength of "2 hard," which is about equivalent to a 2 1/2. This box holds 5 reeds. I am asking 5 dollars for it.

    Last, I have two boxes of Rico Royal reeds. One box has a strength of 2, and the other box has a strength of 2 1/2. I am asking 10 dollars for each box.

    I have six boxes of reeds total, and I will sell them all to the same buyer for 30 bucks! That's quite a deal!

    I live in Seattle, Washington. Buyer pays for shipping and paypal fees. I will also accept cheques.

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    Default Re: Tons of Saxophone Reeds

    Just out of curiousity, for what instrument are these reeds intended to fit?
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    Default Re: Tons of Saxophone Reeds

    Whoops, sorry for not clarifying!!! These are for tenor sax.

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    Default Re: Tons of Saxophone Reeds

    Ill take the Plasticover 2 1/2
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    Default Re: Tons of Saxophone Reeds

    Can I get the rest for $20??

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    Default Re: Tons of Saxophone Reeds

    I'm asking 25 for the others. I'm pretty firm on price, this is a pretty good deal. If you do not live in Seattle, you will have to pay for shipping. Thanks.

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    Default Re: Tons of Saxophone Reeds

    PMed for the boxes of RJS 2H & Rico Royal 2 1/2; will take them if still available. Thks
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