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    Default F.T.-Selmer Tenor Metal Scroll Shank

    Selmer Metal Scroll Shank "E" Open to 7* by Brian Powell . Original ligature. Great Shape.
    Will trade it for:
    Jody Jazz DV , Chi or N.Y. tenor 6*-7* or soprano DV 6-7.

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    Default Re: F.T.-Selmer Tenor Metal Scroll Shank

    Sorry,I thought this was a soprano Selmer Scroll
    My apologies
    Tenor Selmer Serie III - Dukoff Stubby 7*(Eric Falcon)Otto Link Slant 7 (original)
    Alto Yamaha Ul.82Z: Selmer Soloist .82 refaced by (Ted Klum s work)
    Soprano Yamaha 62 Purple L. ,Selmer Soloist .64 (Joe G.Soprano Planet)
    ,Otto Link Slant 7 (original)

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    Default Re: F.T.-Selmer Tenor Metal Scroll Shank

    what does that piece play like? Dark like a Tone Edge or bright like a Berg?
    "The key to improvising is being able to play and listen at the same time."

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