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    Default Selmer MK VI Alto 80xxx

    I am putting this out there for a friend of mine.
    He's got an early 80xxx alto VI. It has been relacquered, has lots of lacquer, very shiny, engraving faded etc, and generally the horn is in nice shape.
    Price is $4200 or best offer if it comes to that.
    I am just putting this out there for him to see if there is interest.
    If there is interest I can get more info for you.
    Buyer pays shipping from Boston area and any paypal fees.

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    Default Re: Selmer MK VI Alto 80xxx

    Ok, I just posted a whole bunch of photos and the site ate them...

    What is wrong with this site???

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    Default Re: Selmer MK VI Alto 80xxx

    As I said before it is not my horn.
    I do not know the facts, history or any of that.
    I do know it has metal domed resos of decent quality, pads that are not new but also pretty good. Needs a little adjustment but seals pretty well, some pads a little sticky, needs some cleaning. Horrible cork palm key risers need to go ASAP.
    I was a bit off on the number, it is 89xxx which may be even better, it is great for tenor. This is really in a sweet spot though, sounds wonderful. Video coming up.

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    Default Re: Selmer MK VI Alto 80xxx

    This horn really has an older VI sound, very much like my 67xxx I used to have; a very pretty sound.
    FOr a moment there I was really getting that sound, worked great with that NY USA Meyer I just worked on, classic vibe there:

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    Default Re: Selmer MK VI Alto 80xxx

    It was a surprise to me how great sounding this horn is, despite its looks.
    I do want to sell it for my friend, and I am slightly limited to price flexibility because it does not belong to me.
    I am not really familiar with alto price for this period and condition, so please feel free to make an offer if you are interested. I am not sure if the price is appropriate or not. I would like to sell this for my friend and get it to a player for an affordable price.

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    Default Re: Selmer MK VI Alto 80xxx

    I've had some interest in this but nothing solid yet. If anyone wants a very nice vintage VI for not a huge price please make an offer and/or tell me what you think the price should be. I could not really figure out where to put it at, but just tried to do the best for him. Thanks.

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