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    Default Looking at a 475 soprano ... vs ?

    I am looking to pick up a Yammi 475 soprano from an acquaintance in FL.. but have to ask ... I never owned a soprano but use to play extensively on friend's Mark VI .... How will this 475 compare to a Z? I don't dare ask how it will compare to the Mark VI i use to play ...Just trying to get some feedback from those of you who are more of a soprano player than myself ...
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    Default Re: Looking at a 475 soprano ... vs ?

    Haven't played a Z but the 475 is a great horn - modern key layout, good pitch, reliable and seems be holding it's value. If you don't need a bent neck horn and just want to get your feet wet - the 475 is more than enough soprano. I think between $1,000 and $1,200 would be a pretty good price if it doesn't need pads.

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    Default Re: Looking at a 475 soprano ... vs ?

    the 475 is a very good “ no frills“ soprano saxophone , it would be really unfair to compare this horn to more expensive horns, nevertheless the 475 holds up well and as far as straight soprano go is a good and relative trouble free one.

    read Stephen Howard’s review

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    Default Re: Looking at a 475 soprano ... vs ?

    The 475 is a very nice horn, maybe capable of being a bit bolder than a "Z". I'd say the 475 is more like many Yanagisawa horns from the 1990s in terms of feel.
    I also think that it is a great value in a soprano.
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    Default Re: Looking at a 475 soprano ... vs ?

    The best 'big name' budget priced soprano around IMO. Yamaha filled a gap in the market when these were introduced --15years ago??? At that time there were 'high end' sops. and 'cheapo' --no middle ground.
    Vintage horns-- unless Selmer mk V1--were not considered a viable option so the 475 became a winner. Since then of course Taiwan has become a force to be reckoned with but the 475 still competes favourably with the best of these pricewise.

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    Default Re: Looking at a 475 soprano ... vs ?

    Had my 475 sop a couple of weeks now and i love it.Very slick as ever by yamaha,build is tops and it blows great.Its a fantastic horn.Intonation is very solid.
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    Default Re: Looking at a 475 soprano ... vs ?

    A very well repected horn, many pro players gig out with a 475!,i sold mine for a yss62 but the 475 was a fine saxophone,you wont go wrong with one..
    bs gunning

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