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    Default Phil Tone New vintage slant

    Is there anyone here who tried phil tones new vintage slant?
    I tried some original nvs in a store last year and loved the sound. But there was an airy leaky sound at the same time and I found it anoying so I didn't bought it.

    It looks like phil tone has corected the issue with the tip so I wonder if it took
    away the leaky sound.

    Hope you understand my english

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    Default Re: Phil Tone New vintage slant

    I have one, it's great.
    Lovely responsive facing, matches the reed tip perfectly. He also worked on the chamber, slightly enlarging it at one point.
    I also have an original 7* which really is good, but Phil's outplays it for sure in terms of sound, response, articulation and evenness.

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    Default Re: Phil Tone New vintage slant

    Thank you for your replay. Maybe I should buy one to try...

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