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    Default Caravelle Artist Alto Saxophone

    I recently bought an alto at an antique shop and was wanting to know more about it. Does anyone know about this saxophone? Caravelle Artist Lake Geneva Wis USA... Serial number 00769.caravelle saxophone.jpg

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    Default Re: Caravelle Artist Alto Saxophone

    Yup. This is one of those R.Malerne, Paris ~ Rampone, Italy (maybe Grassi, too) hybrid stencil horns.

    1960's, the body and some keywork is R. Malerne, while the majority of the keywork is Italian. These crop up fairly often....apparently there was some subcontracting going on cross-border back in the day.

    Look over the horn very carefully, the entire body, the neck...and see if it reads either "Italy" or "France" stamped very small, somewhere. Oftentimes they do...sometimes not.

    Good players when worked back into shape...nice and warm and round sounding. A solid instrument. Not much value on the selling market, however...maybe $350-400 in good playable condition....

    The Wis. USA doesn't mean the horn was made in USA. Simply means the company/distributor was in USA.
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    Default Re: Caravelle Artist Alto Saxophone

    Thank you. I didn't see "Italy" or "France" anywhere on the instrument. And it isn't in playing shape either. The D palm key is popped off (just needs screw) and another low key is missing a joint. Complete new pads would be needed. I'm thinking of working on it some but not quite sure. Had an idea of turning it into a lamp.
    Just wanted to know what I had bought.
    Thanks for answering.

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