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    Question Value of my L.A. Sax Chicago tenor?

    I'm going to sell my beloved L.A. Sax Chicago series tenor (sandblast finish). It's in great condition. No dings or dents or even scratches. These are "Made in Germany"-made B&S horns stamped L.A. Sax which WWBW sold some years ago. Mine is about 7 years old. Including a great BAM Trekking case.

    How much would be a good price for this??


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    Default Re: Value of my L.A. Sax Chicago tenor?

    If you have a B&S in disguise it will be for sure more interesting than the Taiwanese strain of these brand.

    B&S seem to have quite more of a following in the States than they have in Europe and I have seen people asking for B&S saxophones on this board before.

    I would love to buy one but I’ve just planned and paid for a holiday.......... good luck!

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    Default Re: Value of my L.A. Sax Chicago tenor?

    Last time I really checked on these they were in the $1900 range for mint examples. They are great horns but dont bring a lot of money.
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    Default Re: Value of my L.A. Sax Chicago tenor?

    There have been a few of these listed and sold in the Marketplace. If you are able to ferret them out they you should give you a good idea. I think I bought mine (honey lacquer in very nice condition with a cheapy after-market case) for about $1300 but that was a number of years ago.

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