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    Default Selmer/Selmer vs. Jupiter/Berg Larsen

    I recently did a studio recording of a blues tune and I was so surprised by the results that I'm posting it here .... the tune was D blues, and I'm supposed to be a blues player, but going in I felt I didn't have nothin, D is a good key but it doesn't lay right for my standard licks, so I went back to a live recording on my Selmer/Selmer setup that had at least a few good phrases ....

    But, I couldn't really get into quoting it, so I stood there in the studio just waiting to play not having any idea what would be forthcoming .... and here's what I got ...

    And listening back it sounds nasty as hell, like rock is supposed to sound, doesn't really sound like me. I don't know if the studio guy did something to gritty up the sound, or it may have something to do with my new horn/mouthpiece (Jupiter/Berg Larsen), to me the sound is a little different than before but not drastically different as the recordings would suggest. I'm transformed !

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    Default Re: Selmer/Selmer vs. Jupiter/Berg Larsen

    I definitely think that the difference can be attributed to the soundman , I like the second take better.

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    Default Re: Selmer/Selmer vs. Jupiter/Berg Larsen

    Well your links would not open for me, but if you are looking for input you need to state more info on the two mouthpieces as they (not the horns) will make the most difference in whatever sound your talking about.

    OK, I just got them to they sound like completely different recording sessions using different equipment and a very strange mix from one to the other. I don't see how you could do any type of comparison from those two recordings.

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    Default Re: Selmer/Selmer vs. Jupiter/Berg Larsen

    I fixed the links. And, Oh yeah I like the second take way better.

    The Selmer mouthpiece is a Selmer Jazz D, the Berg Larsen is plastic, looks like a 100 D M.

    Selmer horn is a MK VI, Jupiter horn is student model from Ebay, 567?

    The first recording was live, I wasn't even mic-ed. I just reviewed it to get some kind of idea for something to play. The sound is my typical squirrely sound when I don't quite know what I'm doing. But, I had the some of the same feeling during the studio session but I sound like I'm on a mission !

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    Default Re: Selmer/Selmer vs. Jupiter/Berg Larsen

    Hard to know what sort of changes to the sound might have occurred in the recording process but, yes, #2 sounds like the real thing to me.
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