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    Default I just wanna Jam!

    Peace, I am really lost trying to find a jam session. I am an East Coast guy looking for open mics, jam sessions or the best I can find while on vacation. I am in the Tacoma- Seattle area and unfortunatly can't find a jam any where? I just can not leave the west coast with out enjoying a real Jam session.

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    Default Re: I just wanna Jam!

    Did you try putting up or looking for an ad on Craigslist?

    We were thinking about renaming my group YACB -- Yet Another Craigslist Band......
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    Default Re: I just wanna Jam!

    Come to San Francisco. There's tons of 'em.
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    Default Re: I just wanna Jam!

    Sure didn't, unfortunately I am not so tech savvy, but I reckon I can figure it out. I did hear of Casey's bar&grill in Kent having a jam on Mondays, I still have to follow up on that. Thank you very much my fellow sax player, Peace.

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