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    Hi I´m a beginner and I want buy my first sax(second hand). I decided for Amati for their low price, but I have a confusion in level of models. Do you know which is student, intermediate or pro model. I found some Tonekings, Lignatone a and Super classic models on the web. Which is whitch? And another question....I´m little bit affraid of old aged instruments, can 70 years old sax be good? Do you think so?
    PS: I´m sorry for setting the thread here, but I cant found the Amati section.

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    Hi and Welcome to SOTW! If you look in the Forum under Saxophone Manufacturers, Miscellaneous and enter Amati in the search window, you'll find some info and history of Amati. What kind of sax do you want, soprano, alto or tenor? I own an Amati soprano sax which I like. I can't find info on it's vintage from any SN search. I don't think it's very old, from the ergos. I know someone who has an Amati tenor which plays OK. These instrument usually are quite low in price on Ebay or Craigslist. Many other vintage instruments are very good. My alto, (a Conn) is 83 years old and is a great sax. There are many good vintage horns available, but most will be higher priced than an Amati sax.

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    Life is too short for long tones

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