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    Default winya wonya

    Guitar and tenor improvisation.
    Comments welcome, even the negatives

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    I like it. I was a little surprised, in a good way, by the stylistic choice of your sax playing. Is the same guitarist that you improvised with in past recordings? I recall something many moons ago with him just hitting chords and moving around the circle of fourths?


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    Nice piece but this time it is more convoluted than other more recent compositions of yours. The guitar creates a larger space for itself while it apparently manages to box you into a pattern that constricts you in circles of a rather more narrow description than I would have thought you could use.

    Despite this, very nice to illustrate (you know I think your music is very visual to me) the wonderings of a tipsy person at night walking home and kicking a beer can ( I have some flashes of a Fellini film here or some French film Noir ) in a black & white movie.

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