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    Default Martin Handcraft Troubador Alto 1932


    I bought this as alt sax and I don't know if the price is ok - I have to pay 1200 €.
    Everything seems to be really new - I only have few problems with gis / g.
    Can you tell me if the price is too high? I didn't pay the full price yet...
    Thanx for your answers!

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    I think it should be a lot less. Most of the ones I have seen on ebay are in the under $500 US region. Remember that these have only two RH palm keys and it takes some "getting used to". The rarity keeps it a bit higher than the HC from the 20s.

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    Default Re: Martin Handcraft Troubador Alto 1932

    I owned an handcraft troubador alto sax. It sounds amazing, as good as any other saxes in the same time such as Buescher, Conn, Selmer paris. The RH palm key work is not hard like other players said. It's easy to adapt in minutes of playing. I like its sound more than typewriter, handcraft models. It's very hard to find one. I think you bought it at right price, if it is in good playing condition. It is very rare to find. It keeps increasing in price in the near future. It is hard to find buyers, many of them are traders. They wants to buy yours cheap to make profit. If you can't sell it now, keep it. Don't sell any antique vintage horn in cheap price(few hundred US dollars). Most Asian horns are over $1000 including student models such as Jupiter, Vito, Yamaha, etc... Why do you sell yours, a pro vintage horn for few hundred???????? Remember this, you can buy Yamaha, Vito, Jupiter, Selmer Super Action 80 at anytime, NOT on Martin handcraft troubador, typewriter, Buescher Aristocrat I, Conn 30M, Selmer Radio Improved, etc... They are hard to find one in good condition, even you have money. Once again, don't be fool by traders.

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