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Thread: Mouthpiece Recommendation for a Chu ?

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    Default Mouthpiece Recommendation for a Chu ?

    Posting for a friend...

    He has an older Conn with the nailfile G# key - I think that in reality it is called a 'New Wonder Series II' but most people use the nickname of 'Chu' for this model. I suppose it is probably a 1920's Conn...

    I had a similar Alto years ago, gold plated, but I never really liked it. I used it as trade bait for a 1931 SSS cigar cutter and never looked back.

    I can't ever remember playing a Tenor of this same model.

    Anyway... my friend is looking for a mouthpiece recommendation for something that is a bit 'bright' that would play well on this old Conn. Unfortunately, I didn't think to ask him what he is currently using for a mouthpiece. Since I have no experience playing on one of these I told him that I would post and see if anyone here on SOTW could provide some mouthpiece recommendations based on their own playing experiences.

    I am going to loan him a Moragn 7EL to try as an experiment. I'll have to mail it since he and I do not live near one another so it will be a couple of days before he can try out the Morgan and report back.

    Since stumbling onto a Morgan (Alto - 6E) about 15 years ago I have played them pretty much exclusively since then.

    I have a feeling that a Morgan 'EL' will work well on this model of Conn.

    How about a Berg ? Does anyone out there play a Berg on a Chu with good results ?

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    Default Re: Mouthpiece Recommendation for a Chu ?

    I played on a Chu tenor for a short period of time (2 years ago). Both of my metal Berg 100/2/M and STM-Link PhilTone .097 were working great - with RJS 3S.
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    Default Re: Mouthpiece Recommendation for a Chu ?

    I used to use Bergs on Chu tenors - metal 90/3 on a 167k horn, and later 115/2 on a 249k horn.

    I actually found the 90/3 to be a very versatile piece, and capable of more delicacy and darkness than you might expect (hint: low-ish baffle). The 115/2 was more temperamental, intonationally and reed-wise, but gave bigger and brighter tone.

    I like Morgans on any vintage axe. I use a 7L on tenor occasionally and it is nicely bright, full-toned, and has a full dynamic range.
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    Default Re: Mouthpiece Recommendation for a Chu ?

    My Chu is very mouthpiece friendly. I have played Links, Morgan Excalibur, Phil Tone Equinox and Lelandais Woodwind. They all had their own characteristics but they all seemed to work very very well.

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    Default Re: Mouthpiece Recommendation for a Chu ?

    I play on a silver 1933 Conn New Wonder Transitional (chu) and have found that vintage Brilhart mouthpieces work really well.

    I use an Ebolin 4* (that's the black ones) here's me playing on it http://soundcloud.com/mattlondonmusi...-peter-meechan

    In the past I have also used the Tonalin Brilhart 3* (that's the white ones most people know) which worked well.

    Of course it will be a process experimentation between mouthpiece and reeds. On my brilharts I use Alexander DC reeds. I found that Vandoren reeds really didn't work.

    Hope that helps.



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