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    Default Jazz venues and concerts in Scotland

    Does anybody have recommendations for good jazz places in Glasgow and Edinburgh? Or folk music? Planning to visit there during Easter. I understand that Glasgow is famous for its good music scene, but don't know whether this extends to jazz.

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    Default Re: Jazz venues and concerts in Scotland

    Hi, Edinburgh has a jazz club that has music most nights. You can find the programme here:
    Edinburgh also has a large folk music scene with many bars having live folk music in the centre of town.

    I don't think Glasgow has any full time jazz clubs as it is more of a city for rock, indie and electronic music. There may be jazz groups playing in some of the bars however. Good luck with your trip.

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    Thanks so much. The Jazz Bar was excellent. Saw about 3 concerts per night there during Easter. Including some great sax playing, saw a sax/trombone band twice with different sax players whom both were great. And a great James brown tribute band, and a kind of folk/latin band, again with great sax players. couldn't find much jazz in Glasgow, but saw some great bands at king tut's wah wah hut, plus some great traditional music. Scotland is great!

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    Default Re: Jazz venues and concerts in Scotland

    Anything going to be happening in August? I'll be performing in the Edingurgh Tattoo this year ... just wanted to see if there were any shows or sessions happening during that time! Thanks!
    Andrew Francisco

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    Default Re: Jazz venues and concerts in Scotland

    Hi Andrew,

    It's a pity you can't make it in the next few days as the Edinburgh International Jazz Festival ( starts tomorrow, 20-July and runs for ten days.

    Flat Al

    (Oh, and bring a raincoat we've had a dreadful summer so far!)

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