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    Default Nady MicromMHT-16X

    Anybody got any first hand feed back on these? I saw it in the WWBW catalog and it looks interesting for the price.
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    Default Re: Nady MicromMHT-16X

    I like the design but skeptical of Nady's sound quality....great price point though compared to other wireless systems.
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    Default Re: Nady MicromMHT-16X

    I'm trying one now. Sound seems quite bright. Definitely not a high end device, but then neither am I. It's hard to evaluate the sound, as I can't get far enough away to distinquish what's coming out of the speaker as opposed to what's coming out of the sax.

    Quite easy to set up and use. The only minus I've found is that you can't put your sax on a stand.

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    Default Re: Nady MicromMHT-16X

    I received a promo in the mail on this mic system from Nady PR. The specs are no where near an AMT or even a Samson. I find it odd there is no XLR or easily accessible gain control. I think for the price it will appeal to allot of players.


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    Default Re: Nady MicromMHT-16X

    Anybody still using this mic or have any other opinions now that some time has gone bye? I'm using a wired Shure Beta 98 right now. Do you think there would be a great difference in sound quality?


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