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    Default new compositions

    our band - fracture - has begun recording again.

    after a bit of a hiatus due to university commitments and other things like life interfering with out plans, we're doing stuff again.

    click here to listen to two fresh compositions (more to come) -

    i'd love to hear your thoughts on what you hear, be they positive or otherwise


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    Default Re: new compositions

    These seem less like compositions and more like sound-scapes in which the sax is another colour. I like the overall feeling which is similar in these two pieces. The sax in "Textural Counterpoint" becomes somewhat melodic at around 2:20, but by 3:20 goes back to sounding more random for the rest of the piece. The second piece starts somewhat melodically, but then wanders around for the rest of the piece.

    Both fit more into the free jazz camp rather than as "compositions". I like the sound and feeling of both, but can't help but wonder what it would have sounded like if you had imposed some preconceived melodic ideas.

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    Default Re: new compositions

    thanks wade, at least i get someone commenting - which is good.

    yeah, interesting way of looking at it. gives me insight into how others hear, and that's valuable.

    these are compositions in the true sense of the word. they're created by an honours student - our bass guy - in composition and it's kind of his way of slumming it in improvisation i guess. what i mean is that at university, improvisation isn't exactly held in great esteem here. so we're making loose structures for that to occurr. our gigs will occurr mostly in academic type circles anyway, for good or bad, and with some clever programming we'll re-create this live, with my video art as a backdrop.

    melody; these are early days and i'm pretty certain that melody - and *gasp* harmony, will be part of the mix, but we'll never be a bar band or any of that. being an art student myself i wouldn't have the time even if i wanted it.

    fanks for the comments wade, mucho appreciato

    edit; i should add that i wander around with my zoom recorder and set it up in what i consider to be, interesting places around my town, and these are used as backdrops.

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