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Thread: Stolen: BLACK Selmer Bundy tenor 588061

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    Default Stolen: BLACK Selmer Bundy tenor 588061

    Dear Sax friends,
    It feels like my heart has been ripped out since last week my dearest tenorsax was unlawfully taken from me.
    If anyone knows any trace leading to the instrument described below, my gratefulness will be eternal and his reward will be plenty.

    A BLACK coated Selmer (USA) Bundy Tenor with silver applicature, serial number 588 061, including a Meyer mouthpiece in a black softbag. See pictures below. Stolen from my car on 26th of february 2012, in Utrecht, the Netherlands.

    Any tip or suggestion is welcome on this forum or in private message. Thanks a lot!

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    Default Re: Stolen: BLACK Selmer Bundy tenor 588061

    Wow, sorry man. i hope its found and you get it back.

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    Default Re: Stolen: BLACK Selmer Bundy tenor 588061

    First, welcome to SOTW.

    I am sorry for your loss. I still have my Bundy tenor that my parents bought for me to play in school back in 1975 and I would truly hate to loose it.

    You are in our prayers.
    Good Luck,

    Buescher 400 Tenor, Pre-War Big-B Aristocrat Tenor, True Tone Alto, Conn New Wonder Bari, Antigua 590 Soprano

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