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    Default Battery powered amp

    Anyone have/had/using one? Would they work for street playing for backup tracks? Or suggest alternatives.

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    Default Re: Battery powered amp

    I can give you 2 suggestions for rechargable battery powered amps the first one is the lightest in weight the second one is the best sound period but its heavy and expensive. Check out a "Mipro ma101" or a "ma202" both of which are great little amps that sound good, the second is a "AER compact 60 mobile" and its made in germany (hint!).....

    good luck,

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    Default Re: Battery powered amp

    I prefer to use one of these.
    I connect it to a 12V 380W pure sinewave converter and have a couple of sealed lead-acid batteries.
    It all fits into a plastic tool box which I place on a fold-up trolley...with speaker sitting on top.
    It's 200W and puts out a huge volume with heaps of bass.
    cheers, Mark.

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