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    Default Finger Touches-can they be moved

    I've got a 283XXX zephyr tenor. The right hand first finger (F) pearl touch doesn't really work for me. The touch hits my finger up around the second knuckle, while the other fingers are centered on their respective pearls.

    What I don't know is this-is the touch soldered to the pad cup or is it one piece with the cup? I'd really like to move it to where my finger pad hits it right in the center, from about 8:00 on the clock face to somewhere around 6:30.

    I've played it for a year thinking I'd get used to it, but it's not working.

    Your thoughts?
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    Default Re: Finger Touches-can they be moved

    Change it if it doesn't work unless you are concerned about resale
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    Default Re: Finger Touches-can they be moved

    Remove the key and pad, marking the pad placement (Pen mark on the edge of the pad where it hits the arm), unsolder the pearl holder (you may destroy the pearl) and solder it where you want. Refloat the pad, adjust the F>F# cork.

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    Default Re: Finger Touches-can they be moved

    Unless you plan to sell the horn at some point, change it. Saxophones are tools for making music, and just like any other tool they should be comfortable to handle.

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