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    Default Re: 1923 Buescher Soprano History Lesson Needed!!

    Quote Originally Posted by Jefro View Post
    Is there any database I can type in the serial number and find out if it has it's factory finish or gold plated etc........?
    No. Again, back then lacquer was not an original finish and you'll never know for sure where or when it was lacquered or who did it. Gold plated True Tones had more elaborate engraving, the worn spots would show silver plate underneath and it would polish to a shine. Also, gold plated True Tones usually came in cases with green felt inside.

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    Default Re: 1923 Buescher Soprano History Lesson Needed!!

    Well, if Buescher hadn't gone out of business in 1963, there might be. Unfortunately, there isn't, and it's a matter of gathering subjective opinions based on a number of factors including the condition of the engraving -- so here's mine.

    Given the clarity of the serial number stamping and the complete lack of silver embedded in the recesses, I'd say it was a bare brass horn to start with, and the lacquered post production at least once in its life.

    Others may differ, but it seems likely.
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    Default Re: 1923 Buescher Soprano History Lesson Needed!!

    That makes sense madden

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