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    Default where are all the bari necks?

    staggering, the amount of bari saxes on ebay with missing necks. alto & tenor? not so much. so, where did they go? they gotta be somewhere

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    Default Re: where are all the bari necks?

    Ya know all those missing socks? They're in them.

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    Default Re: where are all the bari necks?

    I think kids use them to smoke dope.

    Well, maybe not always... but it happens enough that it's a well-known problem to band directors in my neighborhood.
    "Nothing is worse for a musician than getting an opportunity you aren't prepared for." - Quincy Jones

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    Default Re: where are all the bari necks?

    they all fall in the same place where all thins that disappear are.

    A friend of mine has a theory. All round us there are wormholes that go unnoticed they are generally too small for large objects animals or people and perhaps (because they are invisible) also not always open. In any case they tend to materialise under work benches and , apparently, in the vicinity of saxophone cases, mostly, for reasons not clear to science, of Baritones.

    In any case things, like little screws or bolts, drop in these wormhole and as they do that they are transported in another , alternative, dimension. Sometimes they stay there forever, sometimes they reappear after and when found some non saxophonists find them and wonder why the plumber left a bent piece of pipe behind after the last repair........

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