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    Default Tips for switching between mouthpieces

    For one of my college auditions I have to play classical and jazz repertoire. I play a Vandoren V16 A5 M and a Selmer C*. I don't know how much time I'll be allowed between for the switch so I'd like to know if anyone has tips on how to switch between the different sized pieces.

    I find that I tend to bite on the the MP I'm switching to and can't get my embouchure to settle in quickly.

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    Default Re: Tips for switching between mouthpieces

    I'd play the jazz piece on the classical mouthpiece for the audition.

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    Default Re: Tips for switching between mouthpieces

    If you are auditioning for a jazz programme, use the v16. Jazz guys understand the challenges of playing classical on a 'jazz' set-up.

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    Default Re: Tips for switching between mouthpieces

    Borrow a 2nd horn for the occasion, warm them up and tune them both before the exam. You'll avoid the stress of tuning and messing-up the reed alignment. Or maybe just another similar neck if you can.
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    Default Re: Tips for switching between mouthpieces

    I agree that you should use only one mouthpiece if settling in is any problem at all, which seems to be the case. Which one - well, listen to ZenBen, I'd say (ericdano isn't wrong - it's just that Ben gives the correct reasoning behind the decision, so maybe it'll even be the Selmer you choose in the end when you follow his advice to the point). I'd not waste a lot of time and nerves trying to figure out (or practice) how to switch - safe that for later.

    Good luck!

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    Default Re: Tips for switching between mouthpieces

    Both mouthpieces are considered classical - pick one and commit to it.

    Jazz is as much an attitude as classical. The differences are in the phrasing and delivery.

    I have often used my classical setup for jazz performances and have infrequently used my jazz setup for classical rehearsals just to compel myself to exert more control over the very different mouthpiece. My classical tenor mouthpiece is a .088" Morgan C (refaced by Ed Zentera) while my preferred jazz mouthpiece is a Vandoren V16 T9 (refaced by Juan Caino to .122"). Those are considerably different mouthpieces.

    If and when you really need to switch between varying mouthpieces, commit sufficient time to each and notice how you play each of them. Then start committing time during your practice periods to switch between mouthpieces and again note how you have to consciously adapt to each.

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    Default Re: Tips for switching between mouthpieces

    The V16M is a dark sounding mouthpiece and won't really sound much different from the C* at least to my ear. The facings aren't all that different either.

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    Default Re: Tips for switching between mouthpieces

    The C* is a fine jazz piece if pushed, in my opinion. Play it for both. Really, though, just go with the mouthpiece with which you are the most comfortable overall and feel gets you the most out of the horn.
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    Default Re: Tips for switching between mouthpieces

    @ZenBen. I have to play for the jazz faculty and the classical faculty separately so I don't know how forgiving the classical professors will be of me playing my V16.

    I think I like the option of just using one on the audition that was mentioned, so I'll consult with my teacher as to which would be best.

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