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    Default Altisimo-Yanagasawa (beginner model)

    I just cant seem to find the fingering for A(8va). Anyone have one?

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    Default Re: Altisimo-Yanagasawa (beginner model)

    Apart from the fact that an Yanagisawa A-901 (which is the sax you're talking about, I assume) isn't a beginner's model, but a solid sax that is capable of satisfying a lot of players once and for all, I wonder about which search engines you actually used... It's not even as if the spelling of altissimo should have been an issue since the search algorithms are mostly astonishingly flexible (a little hint, though: two spelling errors in thread title are bad style IMNSHO).

    Anyhow, here's the first link DuckDuckGo gave me, and I don't think it's a surprise (the author of the page I linked is a prominent member of this site!):

    As Pete hints at, YMMV at first - and it pays to also consider alternatives to any given fingering, maybe something else will work better for you over time.

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    Default Re: Altisimo-Yanagasawa (beginner model)

    Modern horns are rather altissimo friendly in general. Mouthpiece/reed combos can be quite challenging. I'd blame them before blaming the horn. But after blaming my own technique...
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