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    Thumbs up Matt Stohrer's the man!!!!!!!!!!

    So I finally had enough money for a new case and I thought of the cases everyone has recommended i.e. Hiscox, BAM, Bags from Spain, Manning and out of everything I thought the BAM Trekking case would be the one for me since I needed it to carry music, sax stand, and be a backpack case.

    So I decided on the BAM Trekking, now the problem is ordering one. I contacted Prowinds, and WWBW, Weiner Music and they all said that I had to wait until mid March for to get one in Black because BAM didn't have one in their warehouse in America. Well I remembered reading on here that our very own Matt Stohrer (abadcliche) just became a BAM case dealer so I contacted him about the case since I trust him more than all of those dealers, so fast forward a couple of emails (which Matt responded very promptly) he said he could get me one in February, but Matt being the amazing guy he is, kept on pestering BAM about the case and they decided to double check and found THE LAST black BAM Trekking Alto case in America! Matt was extremely cool and helped me order it before I paid for it.

    Though Fedex was late delivering it, that's not Matt's fault. And to sum it up after his long rant I had a great experience with Matt. He was extremely kind, and courteous during this exchange, even with my constant pestering. He's a first class guy and out of all my online transactions ordering anything, he made this the best experience ever.
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    Default Re: Matt Stohrer's the man!!!!!!!!!!

    +1 for matt....He's an awesome dude & all my dealing with him have been great.I hope to meet him in person some day...

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    Default Re: Matt Stohrer's the man!!!!!!!!!!

    +1 (or +2) for matt. I've had great service from Matt as well.

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    Default Re: Matt Stohrer's the man!!!!!!!!!!

    Wow guys, awesome, thank you so much! It has been a pleasure doing business with you as well. I am very happy to hear stuff like this, because I really do think when business is done right, everybody leaves the transaction with their life better than it was before.

    I'm insanely lucky enough to be fairly booked for repairs for this whole upcoming year (with the exceptions of locals and previous clients, whom I will always make time for), and I'm going to be spending all of my extra time this year focusing on adding products to my website. I am currently a P. Mauriat, BAM, and Protec dealer, and I hope to also add several more product lines this year- in addition to more vintage mouthpieces and horns. One that I am excited about and working on is possibly becoming a Keilwerth dealer (cross you fingers for me!)- which would get my same new saxophone setup included in the price- and maybe some mouthpiece lines as well. Since I am a small-time one-man type of deal, and I am doing all of this on my own with no loans, progress is slow but sure. In fact, the way I've got it set up, my repair services put food on the table, and 100% of my sales of cases, horns, mouthpieces etc. is reinvested into more products- and in some cases like my upcoming machining class this spring into knowledge I can directly put to use in your service.

    So if I can keep on doing the do and you folks find me useful, my site and business should grow in selection while still doing things the way I do them now- personal interaction for every sale, free and honest advice, putting in the extra time and trying to make a 21st century mom-and-pop-corner-saxophone-store on the web.

    And I've got a baby (well not me personally, my wife in fact) on the way in a couple weeks, so I am sure that my motivation to do more will only increase as time goes on. And remember- I can pretty much special order almost anything. What I lack in razor-thin margins and massive selection I hope to make up for in actually picking up the phone, giving you the information you need, and getting you what you want. Indeed if you want a basic and widely available item like a Pro-tec baritone sax case, I simply can't beat the volume pricing of some other folks, but I can point you in their direction if I'm not the best choice.

    So that's what's up with me. I am really happy that you guys have enjoyed dealing with me and I look forward to more of it in the future!
    matt stohrer

    Stohrer Music - saxophone repairs - vintage horns for sale
    My Youtube Channel
    Let's be friends on Facebook!

    All of this is just like, my opinion, man.

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    Default Re: Matt Stohrer's the man!!!!!!!!!!

    he just fixed up a yamaha yts 62 tenor sax to play great for me last week.I cant put it down. Great work Matt!

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    Default Re: Matt Stohrer's the man!!!!!!!!!!

    Matt replaced all the pads on my soprano Yamaha 62 Purple Label in December!
    All I can say is Matt did a FABULOUS job on my soprano.
    Thanks again Matt,
    All the best from Canada
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