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    Default playing in wind.

    Had an outdoor gig today that was a bit challenging. Has anyone tried to play in 25mph gusty dry wind? Never did that before. Couldn't use cane reeds. Guitarist kept complaining that he had to tune before every song. We sounded pretty rough.

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    Default Re: playing in wind.

    Yes, I've done it. WITH cane reeds.
    Outdoor community band/choir concert. Sing 3-4 songs, play 3-4, back to singing, back to playing.
    Clarinet and tenor sax.
    What you do is get the reed REALLY wet and use a cap. They don't dry out THAT fast.
    Proof is my youTube of 'A Little Stranger'. Windy enough to blow stands over!
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    Default Re: playing in wind.

    Try playing low notes on a flute with the wind blowing into your face, like a boat gig. If a mike is in use it can shield the embouchure but the wind noise even with a sock can be as loud as the flute.

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    Default Re: playing in wind.

    The answer, my friend, is blowing in the wind. The answer is blowing in the wind.

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    Default Re: playing in wind.

    Yep--I'm right up in the valley. These winds have been a massive drag.
    Temperature is another problem, since the bottom of a bari never warms up and the spread between octaves gets farther and farther apart. I have to REALLY want the gig to play outside this time of year.
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    Default Re: playing in wind.

    I went to Boulder from Kentucky one time twenty years ago for a college festival and had to buy reeds out there....Weird
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