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    Default YTS-62 with C before Serial number

    Hi All,

    Great site. As someone who hasnt been playing much if at all in the last ten years it is great to see websites like this as I pick up the horn again. I'm in the market for a tenor and was wondering what the C means on some YTS 62'S before the serial number. Yamaha serial numbers seem to be a mystery and is surprising to me from a company who is so focused on reproducing consistant quality.
    Also for those who have played both YTS 52's and 62'S how much of a step up is the 62 in terms of feel and intonation?


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    Default Re: YTS-62 with C before Serial number

    The C means nothing. Just a sequential prefix. I couple of years ago it was C. I bought a new 62 tenor a few months ago. It has a D prefix. Next year, an E...

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