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    Default Bass clarinet player wanting tenor sax recommendations

    I am an intermediate bass clarinet player playing in community bands. I really, really like bass clarinet (playing Prestige 1193) and want to start playing sax this year as well. I am thinking that preserve embroucure that tenor would be the best instrument to focus on (plus, I love the instrument), does this make sense? If so, can anyone suggest a good or very good model of tenor sax I might learn on? I would probably be playing it in community bands as well. I would be looking for something that is easy to play across the registers as well as keeping tuning. I am not cost constrained on this, just crazy.

    Thank in advance.

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    Default Re: Bass clarinet player wanting tenor sax recommendations

    Playing a tenor is really nothing like playing the bass clarinet. Both the airstream and the embouchure must be handled differently. But don't let this discourage you from picking up the tenor, especially if you like the instrument. I just wouldn't want you to think that the technique on one is easily transferred to the other. I think you'll have an easier time picking up tenor with your b.c. experience than you would in the reverse situation. There are many good tenor models and they all have their fans and partisans. I'll put in a plug for Yamahas — maybe a used YTS62 — but really, if you're committed, all the well-known makes will take you where you want to go.
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    Default Re: Bass clarinet player wanting tenor sax recommendations

    Just about any tenor that is in good leak free adjustment and a suitable mouthpiece will get you started.
    You just have to try a few to see which one feels and sounds the best to you. Yamaha is the most suggested brand since they are available nearly everywhere.
    Yamaha, Conn, Buescher, Martin.. their various stencils and clones... Jupiter, Yanagisawa, Cannonball... the list goes on...
    If you have any tenor playing buddies, ask if you can give their horns a test toot and compare sound and feel.
    At least you'll have an idea of what you might want to start looking for.
    Good luck with your quest!
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    Default Re: Bass clarinet player wanting tenor sax recommendations

    The best thing is to NOT treat it like a similar instrument, so it really doesn't matter whether you get tenor, alto, soprano, baritone or whatever.

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    Default Re: Bass clarinet player wanting tenor sax recommendations

    The choice of which tenor is best for you is very personal. Ergonomics vary, so what some folks like, other don't, or what is a problem for some is not a problem for others. Also, different people like different sounding horns, and since it interacts with you, it has to be one that works well for you. Personally, I generally dislike the sound of Yamaha horns (at least when I play them).

    The thing that allows a tenor to play across all registers is its condition, as it needs to be leak-free. (Also the player and mouthpiece/reed combination are important.)

    And also, I have a fully overhauled King Cleveland tenor for sale here:

    It is not a "top-of-the-line" horn, but it is very solid and in great playing condition.

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