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    Default Need soprano sax reeds etc. in North Carolina

    I just purchased a Yamaha soprano sax from a fellow forum member and I want to buy some legere reeds for it. I went to the Music and arts store in Charlotte but they had almost nothing for soprano. Not too many people playing soprano I guess. Anyway does anyone know of a good music store in North or South Carolina that would have soprano sax supplies? Otherwise I will have to order online.

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    Default Re: Need soprano sax reeds etc. in North Carolina

    Try they are in Boone.

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    Default Re: Need soprano sax reeds etc. in North Carolina

    I'm in North Carolina too, and I buy all of my reeds online...not for the convenience or price as much as the fact that almost none of the brick & mortar music stores I used to buy from carry much of a selection in the way of reeds anymore. The few stores that are still in business have gone heavily to the guitar/drums/electronics side of things. A few still carry band instruments, but more along the line of student level rentals with a very basic selection of reeds. Considering how hard it is to find a store that stocks a wide variety of reeds, it isn't worth wasting the gas to drive out of town when you can get any reed you want via the internet, and almost always for less money.

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