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    I wasn't sure which area of the forum to post this in. Since this part deals with online purchasing I guess I would try here. Recently someone mentioned to me the site It was in reference to shopping for in-expensive gifts. I checked out the site and it appears to be a "China Wholesale" site. Surprisingly it looks like they have used instruments advertised on there. Has anyone ever bought anything or know much about the site?

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    Well, if you're interested in a: "Wholesale - 2011-Mark VI Tenor Saxophone - Vintage MICCondition:we accept retail and wholesale . aslo customization of . just send me the pics you like. the sound great, superb technology, excellent , suitable for solo, but also for orchestra", then this site's for you! It's a Chinese copy of a MkVI. The asking price is around $400-500. Of course, they have a plethora of other Chinese Makes and Models. Caveat Emptor!!!

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    Default Don't overlook the "special saliva" on the alto "Salma"

    "Salma 802bE F # Alto Saxophone with quality assurance
    Condition:Salma 802bE F # Alto Saxophone with quality assurance Saxophone Type: drop E (or F) transfer Alto Saxophone Material: Brass Finish: Lacquer 1, a special suitcase 2 Brush a special saliva"

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    What??? No white gloves???...move along. . .nothing to see here

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    OK, ok ... I know that the quality of lots of what is on there is not that great. I was half hoping someone would have bought something maybe from there and could comment on an experience they had. Maybe not worth the time.

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