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    Default Possible Leaky Pad?

    What does it mean if when i play low C and low Bb if it goes yayayaya.

    My Antigua Pro One just came in the mail, shipped from las Vegas, and im wondering if the extreme cold couldve done something? it was inspecte din store, or so i was told.


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    Default Re: Possible Leaky Pad?

    Even with the most careful packing job, it is not uncommon for minor adjustments to be needed following shipping. Just have your tech give it the once-over. He/ she will be able to tell you if anything was due to more than just shipping bumps. If it was well set up leaving the seller, it should only need a couple minor tweaks.

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    Default Re: Possible Leaky Pad?

    Have it checked over. Shipping can and will jostle stuff around no matter how well it was packed or how 'extreme' the cold/heat is during shipment.
    It may have been 'inspected' at the store, but that doesn't mean it was set up to your personal specifications.
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    Default Re: Possible Leaky Pad?

    Alright thanks everyone I'll have to try and make it to my music store this week. Besides what I've said, the Pro One is a beautiful horn and i recommend it to all of you to at least try it out sometime.

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