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    Default Playing the First Noel

    HI, for this Christmas Sunday, I am going to play the First noel by Kenny G.
    I don't know the which major he is playing in.
    Well, I'm going to play with alto saxophone.
    I am going to go up from C->D-> then maybe F?
    but im not sure.
    I cant even find the sheet music.
    do anyone have it? or tell me how to play? thanks!!

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    Default Re: Playing the First Noel

    I dont know about the Kenny G version, but you can get the backing track and sheet music for alto, tenor and sop saxes at for the cool Boney James version.

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    Default Re: Playing the First Noel

    If you are playing unaccompanied, just pick any major scale you feel comfortable with. The first note will be the third of that scale. So if you settle on the C major scale, your first note will be E. If you settle on F major, then your first note will be A. Go down in whole steps to the root. Now you've played the first three notes of The First Noel. Go back up the scale to the fifth, and you've played the next 4 notes. The entire tune (with a few jumps that you should be able to figure out by ear in relatively little time) is basically running down and up the major scale. Have fun.
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